Launch of 'Actif Anywhere' Live Streaming Service by Actif Sport & Leisure

Actif Anywhere, launched on Wednesday last week by Actif Sport and Leisure is a brand new live streaming service bringing members real-time fitness classes that can be done anywhere, by using a phone, tablet or laptop.  

It will have a host of daily fitness classes that you can get involved in from, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance, Dance classes, HIIT, Yoga & Relaxation, Cycling and more! So there really is something for everyone.

All of these classes will be delivered by friendly Actif Instructors.

Sign up to Actif Anywhere in September and get September for FREE and get 50% off October too.


Why sign up to Actif Anywhere? 

  • Live and interactive
  • Fits around your daily routine
  • Simple to access and convenient
  • Portable (can do it anywhere!) and access the platform on 3 different devices - phone, laptop and tablet 
  • Train with favourite Actif coaches
  • High-quality and motivating instruction by instructors
  • Cost-effective as you don't need to travel anywhere


Best of all it'll be FREE for you to try for a limited time period so you can give it a go and if you love it you can add it on to your existing membership or take out a standalone Actif Anywhere online membership.  Like all Actif memberships you're not tied into any lengthy contracts.

How must does it cost?

The Actif Anywhere platform will be available to all members for FREE for a limited time period. From the free trial period the Actif Anywhere platform will £10 a month as a standalone online membership or £7.50 bolt on to existing memberships.

What’s included? 

The service aims to offer something for everyone. There will be a number of daily fitness classes run that will continually be developed. Classes will fall into the below categories:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Cardio & Endurance
  • Dance
  • HIIT
  • Yoga & Relaxation
  • Cycling
  • Land Based Aquatics
  • Sports Specific

What devices can I use to access Actif Anywhere?

If you have access to a smart device such as mobile phone, tablet or laptop,  – you can access Actif Anywhere whether you're at home, at work or at the beach.

When are the classes going to be live? 

From Wednesday 9th September and classes will be held on Mondays - Saturdays weekly.


For more details and how to join the Actif Anywhere service, click here