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Written by Nathan Jones   
Thursday, 05 October 2017 19:00



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The 41st Inter Schools' Cross Country Championships returns to Penlan Arena, Brecon Leisure Centre in November, incorporating the Welsh Collages championships. It takes place on Saturday 18th November 2017 at the Athletics Track. Every school in Wales has been invited to enter teams and/or individuals at this year's championships which will be held in Mid Wales.

WSAA launch their cross country programme as the fixture list presents its first serious test of the winter with this annual Inter Schools event. The event will incorporate the Welsh Collages Championships as well as development races aimed at primary school athletes. A good competition was held last year in 2016 with over 80 schools and collages in attendance.

This provides the first opportunity of the year to catch the selector's eye with places in next April's London Mini Marathon up for grabs. The Inter Regional and Welsh Cross Country Championships provide the other opportunity for athletes to shine and secure themselves a place on the start line in London in 2018's prestigious event.


Please Note the following points / Nodwch y pwyntiau canlynol:

- Schools/Collages may enter any number of athletes per race. Scoring teams will consist of four runners. If a school finishes eight athletes, the first four will be scored as the school A team and the second four will be scored as the school B team. If a school is unable to field a team of four athletes in a race, then it may field up to three individuals.

- Details of each competitor - first name, surname and date of birth - must be recorded on the declaration form sheet. A preliminary declaration MUST be returned with the preliminary entry form. The final, detailed declaration must be handed in at the pavilion between 11.30am and 12.30pm and after details of the athlete's number have been added.

- Pupils may enter as individuals but their preliminary entry must be made by their school/college, on the form included and must be signed by a member of the teaching staff at the school.

- All event administration will be undertaken in the pavilion. Declaration will close at 1pm.

- Athletes must wear their school vest. Club, schools, district, regional and Welsh vests are not suitable alternatives.

- As part of the event risk assessment, every competitor is advised to walk the course before they race - to check for any potential hazards.

- The wearing of iPods and similar audio devices is considered a health & safety hazard. Pupils are not permitted to wear them while competing in the six races at this event.

- Car Parking for this event is at Brecon High School.

- Challenge Trophies are awarded to winning school teams. Association Medals awarded to individual first three in each section. Association medals presented to scoring members of first three teams in each section. Presentations will be made shortly after the end of each race, as soon as results are available.

- Closing Date for Pre-Entries: 10th November 2017 with entries sent to Mr Steve Jones, 76 Fernlea Park, Bryncoch, Neath, SA10 7SX



Saturday, November 18th, 2017


Penlan Arena, Brecon – Brecon Athletics Track



Under 13

Over 11 and under 13 at midnight August 31st / September 1st 2017 - usually Years 7 & 8

Under 15

Over 13 and under 15 at midnight August 31st / September 1st 2017 - usually Years 9 & 10

Senior - under 19

Over 15 and under 19 at midnight August 31st / September 1st 2017 - usually Years 11 to 14


11.30 am to 1 pm Team Declaration in the Pavilion

12 noon – Course open for walking

1.15 pm – u13 Girls (2850m) 2.10 pm – u15 Boys (4150m)

1.30 pm – u13 Boys (2850m) 2.35 pm – Senior Girls (4150m)

1.50 pm – u15 Girls (3550m) 3.00 pm – Senior Boys (5450m)

Presentation of Awards will be made shortly after the end of each race.


Numbers will be provided by Welsh Schools and can be collected at declaration time. The number is to be worn on the front of the athlete’s vest and needs to be fixed by 4 pins (one at each corner). Pins are the responsibility of competing schools & individuals.


Centres may enter any number of athletes in a race. On the preliminary return, centres are requested to indicate the approximate number of athletes, which they hope to run in each race. Centres MUST also provide a provisional team declaration with the preliminary return. Changes to team declarations can be made on the day of the event on the enclosed form and submitted by the official team manager. Information required will be each athlete’s first name, surname and date of birth.


In any age group, the first four runners to finish will be scored as the A team. The next four runners to finish will score as the B team. This will be the same for the Colleges event included in the programme for the third time.


Welsh Schools’ medals will be awarded to the first three individuals and the first three teams in each of the six races. Welsh Colleges will also make separate awards to individuals and teams.


An entry fee is payable of £10 per centre for an unlimited number of athletes. Cheques should be returned with the preliminary entry form and are to be made out to ‘Welsh Schools’ AA’. The preliminary return of entry numbers should be made on the enclosed form by Friday, November 10th. [The maximum fee payable by a school or college is £10.]


Schools/Colleges are expected to provide their athletes either with distinctive vests or with a plain coloured vest or T-shirt. Club vests, regional vests and county or district schools vests are not permitted. Similarly athletes are not permitted to wear replica soccer or rugby jerseys or T-shirts with advertising slogans or signs on the front and/or back. Athletes ignoring this requirement may be disqualified.

Car & Coach Parking

Cars and coaches are to be parked in Brecon High School. The car park at the stadium is intended for officials and first aid.

On arrival at Brecon

Team managers are asked to report to the pavilion between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm with their team changes form. On registering Team Managers will be provided with the total number of numbers and results envelopes (one per race) needed. Make sure that athletes are wearing the correct number, fixed by 4 pins (one at each corner).

As part of their own risk assessment, every competing athlete should walk the course – to ensure that they know where they are going and to check for any potential hazards.

Changing Accommodation

Changing facilities and toilets are in the changing rooms are on the far side of the track from the pavilion and close to the track car park. [There are also toilets in the Leisure Centre.]

At the start

Team managers should ensure that athletes are at the start at least 10 minutes before start time. The starter will call the athletes together, before the scheduled start time, to describe the course and give any final instructions. Athletes should then remove their tracksuits and line up on the assembly line. The starter and his assistant will do a final check of athletes on the assembly line – numbers, pins and vests – and then call them forward to the start line. Races may be started by whistle or air horn.

At the finish

Athletes must remain in finishing order and walk through the finishing funnel to the disc steward at the end of the funnel. Each athlete will be issued with a disc, showing their finishing position. That disc needs to be taken to their team manager, who will record the athlete’s name & finishing position on the front of the results envelope and place the disc inside the envelope. Once all the athletes from the school have finished and the results envelope has been completed, the envelope should be handed to an official at the finish as quickly as possible.


If you have any queries about this Championships, please contact Steve Jones
(Mobile 07792 242153) or by e mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

iPods & Audio devices

Athletes are not permitted to wear an iPod (or similar audio device) while they are competing.


There will be an official photographer at the finish.




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Age Groups & Timetable / Grwpiau Oedran ac Amserlen

1.15pm - U13 Girls / Merched O Dan 13 (11 and under 13 years, normally years 7 and 8) 2850m

1.30pm - U13 Boys / Bechgyn O Dan 13 (11 and under 13 years, normally years 7 and 8) 2850m

1.50pm - U15 Girls / Merched O Dan 15 (13 and under 15 years, normally years 9 and 10) 3550m

2.10pm - U15 Boys / Bechgyn O Dan 15 (13 and under 15 years, normally years 9 and 10) 4150m

2.35pm - Senior Girls / Merched Hyn (15 and under 19 years, normally years 11, 12, 13 and 14) 4150m

3.00pm - Senior Boys / Bechgyn Hyn (15 and under 19 years, normally years 11, 12, 13 and 14) 5450m


Primary Schools Challenge / Rasys Ysgolion Cynradd

The event again will commence with a series of races for primary school children to get involved. Race 1: Year 5 Girls at 11.00am; Race 2: Year 5 Boys at 11.15am; Race 3: Year 6 Girls at 11.30am; Race 4: Year 6 Boys at 11.45am.

All races are 1400m long. Schools/Clubs may enter an unlimited number of runners. Entries cost £1 per runner of £10 for an unlimited number of runners.


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